Friday, September 30, 2016

Audition Tips For Child Actors

No one can underestimate the potential of a child actor and more interestingly they can become the real gems of acting industry in India and abroad. Raising. Nurturing and grooming child actors are a real tough job and one (read parents and experts) needs to be real pro in it and sending them for audition also needs a separate skill set. Here are some essential tips for a successful audition of a child actor.

The most important thing that needs to be remembered before everything is that parents should not bring the child in such an audition which is beyond his or her age. Child actors should not look unnecessarily adult; instead they should look innocent and natural.

What to Do and What Not

Act. Not Mug up and narrate

Remember, here the child actor is auditioning to act in a play or a movie.  Yes, there are situations when merely being a sweet little cupid is sufficient, but for the majority times, the unit is searching for potential actors.  As many individuals stand in front of the director and deliver the dialogues, the kids who enact with emotion and mood live upto the expectation, accomplish and definitely stand out.

Appropriate Make and Get Up: Right for the Age and Role

During acting auditions for kids, all want children who appear like kids. Girls should not showcase caked in foundations, lofty in heels or wearing improperly revealing outfits. Toddler boys don't need to be infolded into their dazzling jackets with shining collars and their hair gelled artificially. Rather most of the acting units prefer children to appear kiddish, natural and as per their age. The real time audition in Mumbai for kids are known for this and people participating in such auditions should know this fact before preparing their kids.

Learn and then Act

Most of the movies and theatres people chose for audition have been in theatres for quite a few time. With a little bit of researching one can look for a sketchy portrayal of these for learning and rehearsal. Many times the audition units even update the list of characters with explanations on the authorised website and social media platforms. The more one comprehend the theatre and the icons, the more one will be able to do with the acting successfully and accomplish the audition with flying colours.

Go Slow. There is no Train to Catch

One sure signal of edginess is hurtling through the dialogue lines.  When a kid talk at too much speed it is stiffer to make certain that each and every word is comprehended and the associated mood that should convoy those lines does not come in between.  Go slow and make sure the child wanna be actor deliver each word explicitly. Just think about the style people adapt while speaking.  For most folks the stride is more laid back, and there are silences dotted during the exchange.  Reminisce, nobody want you to merely read the conversation lines straightaway.  The authorities want the actor to utter the dialogues like the character is a real life icon in a real time tête-à-tête.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5 Amazing Benefits of Ghee

Ghee has always been associated with fat, cholesterol and everything bad. Little did people know and think that when something is being made out of milk, a naturally healthy product, how it can be harmful to health to such a great extent. You will be surprised to know that there are several benefits of Ghee as well, if an only if acquired from branded sources. Let us learn some of the benefits of Ghee

#1 Makes the Brain Healthier
Ghee is healthy for the nerves and the brain. It contains high levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for overall health. Apart from this, a reduction in the consumption of these acids is associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, make it a habit to include butter in your regular diet as it can help your brain function better.

# 2 Helps to Prevents Cancer
Although Ghee is rich in saturated fats, it is ideal for cooking Indian food, because it has a high smoke point. This means that product less free radicals when heated, which are known to increase the risk of cancer. It is also rich in antioxidants which in turn protect you against free radicals.

#3 Can be used as a natural moisturizer
Ghee is a good promoter of beauty as well. If you have chapped lips, apply a drop of butter on them before bed. Since it is lubricant and non greasy, you can use it on your skin as well to deal with cracks and dry skin. Applying ghee on your body turns it smooth and silky without compromising with the skin tone. However, you cannot carry it all day long as it will attract dust.

# 4 Fat Mobilizing
If you are facing the problems like fat accumulation around your body then try adding ghee to your diet. Ghee consumes essential amino acids that will help to allow the fat cells to get shrunk and mobilize the fat. It is also good for people who are suffering from joint pain problems, while improving the vision power and memory.

# 5 Set the limits to make it Healthy!
While these are the notable benefits of butter but they all come with a limitation. Eating or consuming ghee in access is never healthy and will most probably lead to a series of health issues and problems. You need to draw a line between the healthy and the excessive limits. Over the limit consumption is bad for heart and health.

# 6 Exceptions
Though it come with a long list of benefits, people who are suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Heart Diseases and others must avoid and reduce the intake of Ghee to avoid health complications. No more fear of spreading this healthy element on your bread and rotis. It’s best to purchase ghee from reliable brand in order to make sure that you are consuming the best quality material.

Monday, August 29, 2016

10 Audition Tips for New Actors

Have you always dreamt of carving your career as a professional actor? If yes….then it’s time to flourish and present your skills in front of casting directors. They are professionals who take acting auditions to select cast for their movies, serials and dramas. A skilled actor should reflect his work to casting directors. Your muddled, disconnected and tentative work is worthless for them. You need to be very skilled and great at acting.

Below are 10 audition tips that can help new actors:

1.    Confidence

It seems simple but, needs a lot of practice. Entry though the door should be done with high head. Be conscious about the shuffling feet. Don’t forget that you will not be provided with sympathy points if you feel nervous or frightened. So, be prepared for the grand day previously. Leave all the stress, tension and nervousness outside the door. Practice for auditions by talking in the mirror, emphasize on body language and good posture before reaching the audition hall.

2.    Personality

Let your personality shine like a sun in film auditions in Delhi. Elaborate your answers when directors ask them to you. You can also ask different questions to the casting team. Obviously, they are looking for curious and smart artist.

3.    Connection

Try to maintain a relation with the reader. Read the script, recognize the emotions and try to fill the missing space in your acting skills. Make eye contact while performing. Deliver the dialogues carefully along with maintaining compatibility with the reader.

4.    Character

Know about the role character. Go through the scripts and analyse the linked clues. One can get aware of the character by following:

•    What she/he says about herself/himself
•    What additional characters reveal about her/him
•    What screenwriter says about her/him

5.    Objective

Read the dialogues carefully and analyse what she/he wants to convey for other characters? Know about the main purpose of character in the provided situation.

6.    Obstacles

Know about the characters desire in the scene. A skilled actor can easily identify the objective of character leaving behind the obstacles.

7.    Opposites

Reading loudly or yelling is not the only way of presenting your skills in front of audience. Sometimes, a handful of emotions are enough to display perfect situation of the scene. Playing oppositions is also an interesting choice.

8.    Love

Try to find love in the acting scene. Every character should be agreeable to some extent. Look for a moment where love can present through.

9.    Act

The real meaning of acting is to present your emotions without talking much. Find your perfect actions and play them. Re-live the character on stage and take your acting skills to another level.

10.    Variety

Experience the level and energy in the situation. Don’t play single emotion every time. Enhance your skills and try different characters like angry, sad and tough personnel.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 Things to Look in a Packaging Design Company

More than 60% of consumers claim that they prefer branded products; the professional packaging is one of the most important parts that attract customers and reveal much about the product information. But if we talk about small and medium-sized business, it is difficult to recognize the starting point especially, when it comes to packaging designs. Below are 5 things that one should look in a packaging company:

1.    A company that can develop your product into a brand

When one plans to sell any product, we can say that he is selling his brand too. Many researches revealed that strong corporate products can boost the stock value by 6%, this principle applies for starting companies too. If your company don’t have any logo, then you should work with a firm that has years of experience in designing elements. And, if you are already a developed firm, you can look for product packaging design companies for your company that can maximize the client’s response.

2.    A designing company that understands Retail Tie-Ins and Web:

It does not matter whether clients are purchasing products from store or online, web-influenced services are important. The likeliness of a customer’s happiness depends on online services and offers offered by them on useful products. These factors are essential in linking the products presence online. All packaging designing companies are not experienced in this area; you can take help from packaging design agencies. Promote mobile and online shopping and, offer your best services to potential customers, it will build brand loyalty and boost company’s sales.

3.    A designing company that can guide you regarding printing decisions

There is usually a disconnection between designing companies and printing firms that can make the process difficult for a new company. You cannot navigate this gap, so hire a company who can provide you creative packaging projects and final packaging items under the single roof. Look for packaging design companies in India that are professional, renowned and experience.

4.    A company that can provide accurately designed products

Make sure the company you are going to choose should represent contents accurately. For example, if you product size is large on the package while small in reality, customers can claim that you are cheating them. Tell your package designing company to keep the size and colour of product same as that of original product. Avoid deceiving your customers for better output.

5.    A company that design simple with proper information
As we all know simple designs lure maximum customers. Intricate designs are complex and less attentive. Look for a company that can identify the customer’s need and interest. Make sure the product packaging reveals important information about the item. If customers are not able to understand the product, the chances to purchase it are reduced to half.

You can also hire Procreate Branding to get quality product designing services. They are expert in brand architecture, retail design, brand strategy and naming, packaging design, logo design and artwork. Hire them and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How To Prepare For The CFA® Exam?

CFA® exams are one of the most challenging and prestigious exams in the investment profession. The question papers are constructed in such a way that only students with thorough preparation and conceptual clarity will be able to crack it. Candidates should not have a notion that the CFA® Exam can only be cracked if you have at least six months to a year’s time to prepare. Students with quick grasping power, good understanding of the concepts and most importantly, a right strategy in place have been able to crack the exam in a short span of time (say a month or two) as well.

A very common and understandable question among students is ‘how to prepare for the CFA® Exam’. There have been numerous analyses trying to find out the average number of hours required to adequately prepare the candidate for the CFA® exam. Some of these studies have come up with a certain number of hours in order to crack the exam. Though these figures are average, I personally do not believe in this number game and the theories underlying them as I feel that each student has his/her way of studying that varies based on their differing mental abilities, academic backgrounds and differing  levels of conceptual understanding.

Thus, in my views, rather than focussing on the number of hours to study, students should focus on making a roadmap (we have provided a strategic study-plan below) to crack the CFA® exam keeping in mind the curriculum (Read our article on CFA® study material) and the amount of practice (question solving) required to adequately prepare them for the CFA® exam.

To help students have a clear understanding of the kind of preparation required for the CFA® Exam, I am suggesting the following things that every CFA® candidate should target to finish:

  • 3-4 readings of the curriculum from SchweserNotesTM (one of the most widely used supplementary books) or using the CFA® Program Curriculum books (Most Preferred material) or any other study material student finds adequate (Read our article on CFA® Study Material for more details)
  • At least 10-12 full three hours Mock Tests 
  • As many practice questions as possible (questions in CFA® Program Curriculum books are one o f the best!)
Keeping this in mind, the candidate should start preparing well in advance and should approach the CFA® Exam with a strategy in place. Here is one of the suggested strategies of mine that can help candidates make a thorough study-plan (for more expert advice, you can call us at 9158991901 or mail us at
  1. CHAPTER- WISE INSTRUCTIONS - Read the chapter from SchweserNotesTM (read our article on the ‘The right study-material to refer for the CFA® Exams for more details), solve all the questions at the end of each chapter. Just after you finish reading each chapter, solve all examples (given in between the chapters) and questions (at the back of each chapter) from the CFA® Program Curriculum books. Important points:

    • Point to be highlighted is that no matter what books you use to read, there is absolutely no substitute to the examples and questions in CFA® Program Curriculum
    • Also, since there are lots of questions that you will find tricky, keep on bookmarking them. Since candidates will not have enough time to solve all examples and questions again and again, they should solve these tricky questions while revising
    • As and when you finish reading a chapter, start creating a list of all formulae that you came across in that chapter. Keep updating this list as and when you finish reading one chapter. By the time you will be done with the entire curriculum reading, you will have a formulae sheet that can then be revised every day.
    • Alternatively, you can buy these formula sheet provided by many institutes (including ours, Its CONCEPTSTM)
  2. SUBJECT-WISE INSTRUCTIONS - Once you finish a subject, start taking tests using Schweser Practice Volumes on those subjects. Use only one of the volumes for taking subject-wise tests. The other volume should be used to take full course mock exams after you complete all subjects.

    • This time you should attempt these questions as proper tests keeping time in check
    • Your target should be to increase your speed with accuracy with each test
    • Again, keep on highlighting all the important questions that can later be looked at again while revising
    Overall Objective is: By the time you have finished your first reading of the entire curriculum, you should have finished the following (at least a month before the exam date):
    • All questions in the SchweserNotesTM
    • All examples and questions in the CFA® Program Curriculum Volumes
    • Finished one Schweser Practice Volume
    • A detailed formulae sheet must be ready
  3. FULL CURRICULUM INSTRUCTIONS – Having finished reading of the entire curriculum, student needs to simultaneously do three things: 1) Strategize; 2) Revise; and 3) Take Mock Tests.  Following are the detailed instructions that can help students achieve the above mentioned three-fold tasks:
  • STRATEGIZE – You should have at least a month’s time to be able to revise and be fully prepared for the exam
  1. You need to invest your time judiciously and for that you need to have a plan in place as to how and when should you revise and take tests.
  2. You need to continuously keep a tap on time as you have lots of things to do in a very short span of time.
  • REVISION PLAN – You should have ideally done three revisions before the exam.

  • First Revision should start at least a month before the exam date. Start revising the subjects by reading them again from the books. It should take you half the time it took you originally. While revising, go through all the tricky questions that you had highlighted before.

  • Second Revision should start at least twenty days before the exam. This revision again should take almost half the time of first revision. Revise tough subjects before.   

  • Final Revision should start at least 8 days before the exam date. For a detailed day by day plan for the final revision in the last week (for more details, read our article on ‘Last minute preparation tips for the CFA® Exam’

  • FORMULAE REVISION-Revise all the formulae every day till the exam day using the sheet you prepared. They should become a part of your DNA by the time you take your exam. 

  • MOCK TESTS –You have the following mock tests available to give you adequate practice (in order of hierarchy):
  • Mock Tests and Practice tests provided by the CFA® Institute to all candidates (as part of fee paid by the candidates available online). You cannot afford to ignore these mock tests.
  • Schweser Practice Volume (as discussed above - the one you have not solved yet)
  • If possible, arrange for at least five to six full six hours mock tests to give you enough practice
  • There are many coaching institutes (including ours, Its CONCEPTSTM)  in the market that sell test series
  • Your exam is of six hours, so for practice, take some tests for full six hours. Ideally, take three hour exam every day till the last week of the exam (I don’t suggest taking any mock test in the last week, explained below). Also, I don’t suggest taking many six hours exams because six hours exam need at least three hours for the candidate to check and analyze their mistakes. You lose an entire day and that adds to your stress.
  • Most important learning is from the mistakes you make in these mock tests. The entire purpose of taking mock tests is that you are able to detect and correct your mistakes before the final exam. Do spend time in checking your papers and analyze both the correct and incorrect answers. Sometimes, you might get the correct answer but from a wrong methodology. Avoid developing false confidence. You should become your best critique.
  • Take your last test a week before the exam. Multiple reasons:
  • In case you score poorly, you might panic and it might work against you
  • You might exhaust yourself
  • Also, you lose precious time if you keep taking tests in the last week    
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